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At IDMT, we know reaching your company goals will always fall to the level of the enhanced systems you have in place. We help you structure scalable and streamlined solutions to achieve your growth potential and competitive advantage.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Expand an Enterprise Security Platform across your organization to help optimize your remote workforce for better performance and productivity.

Microsoft Teams Telephony

Simplify your workday with a secured hybrid environment with Microsoft Teams Voice and video calling. Call, Chat, Meet, and Collaborate virtually in one app.

IT & Cloud Services

We help create centralized and decentralized technology strategies to boost productivity, control costs, and protect data from cyber threats.

Business Process Optimization

Fuel Operational Excellence with Business Process Optimization. Eliminate redundancies, Streamline Workflows & Improve Communications.

The Remote Workforce

According to ZDNet, one in three employees admitted having lower morale working away from the office and that they feel easily distracted and stressed out while working. Furthermore, many employees have reported not getting adequate guidance from the employer on best practices working from home.

Now Available in Las Vegas

5G is now available from Verizon in Las Vegas. This means all three major providers are now offering 5G in the said city. This paves the way to more choices than the previous months, for instance, when Samsung released the first 5G ready phones to the world in March.

What customers are saying about IDMT


"IDMT has been helping Las Vegas paving with document management solutions since 2005. We chose IDMT because they took the time to understand our company vision and needs. They provided us with solutions which helped elevate our productivity companywide with a substantial cost savings."

Hanan Kabban

CFO, Las Vegas Paving Corp.


"We have been working with IDMT for many years and they have dramatically helped us with our document & print management issues. They understood our key business processes and created simplified workflow solutions which helped reduce our liability, enhance customer service and increase profits."

Brian Edwards

RO Bus Sales


"Charbel and IDMT are both a pleasure to do business with. Their positivity, proficiency in business, and document management solutions are first-class. From a solutions perspective, they offer a critical product and service crucial to today’s tech driven workforce and it delivers. They helped optimize our departments workflows and introduce efficiencies missing in our organization. No technology product or solution is viable without the right delivery and strategic alignment. Thanks, Charbel and IDMT!"

Steve Murphy

Brady Industries

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