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Disaster Recovery


Recent natural disasters have got all of us thinking about disaster recovery. If your business were to be hit by a flood or other natural disaster, chances are almost everything would be fine:
1.Insurance would pay for building repairs, furniture and damaged computer equipment
2.Critical data would be restored from computer backup disks

All of this would be replaced in time. But even if it were replaced, could your business continue?

What About Your Paper Information?
The most important asset a business has is its information. The fact is that even in today's highly-computerized business environment a majority of business information is still on paper.

This information is highly vulnerable to a natural disaster. And, even if your building is rebuilt, you won't get your paper records back. That's why a recent study revealed that 67% of businesses that experience a fire will be out of business within three years.

Protect Your Business Information
The good news is that your business could continue even after a disaster. New technology makes it practical and affordable to protect your paper-based business information.

Electronic Document Management System allows you to create a digital repository of your business information. This information can be backed up just like your computer network. If there were a disaster, your business could be back up and running quickly.

It's Easier than Ever
Advances in technology make creating and Electronic Document Management System easier than ever:
1.Lower Costs of Hard Drive Storage: Hard drive storage costs continue to drop. It is possible to fit whole filing cabinet of scanned documents into just one gigabyte of hard drive space!
2.High-speed Scanning: The newest generation of multifunction copiers make scanning as easy and fast as making a copy.
3.Familiarity with Computers: Employees use computers every day. You can get more value from your network by putting your paper documents on-line.

With document management in place, your business will also enjoy the benefits of faster information retrieval, better management decision-making, increased security and improved regulatory compliance.

It just makes sense to protect your information. Contact us today to learn how you could implement an Electronic Document Management System.


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Up to 12% of a company's annual revenue is spent managing documents and document-related processes.49% of this cost is related to document management. more »

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