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Integrated Document Management Technololgies provides a suite of document technologies and services to help your business run more productively and profitably

Document hardware like printers, scanners and fax systems are a critical component of any document management solution. IDMT provides a full suite of Multifunction Systems that print, copy, fax and scan.

Multifunction Systems Makes Sense
Over the past 30 years businesses have purchased a variety of hardcopy output devices like photocopiers, fax machines and laser printers. This assortment of office machines evolved along with technology.

However, if you think about it a copier, fax and printer all do essentially the same thing, putting black (and color) marks on white paper. Wouldn't it make sense to combine these functions where appropriate? We sure think so. Multifunctional Systems combine core functions saving you space, money and time.

The Office Services You Need

A multifunction system can be configured to provide the services you need.


MFP's can function as network printers. With the system connected to your network printing works just like printing to any other HP laser printer. Plus, you can take advantage of advanced finishing options like duplexing and stapling.


Need copies? No problem. Just walk up the Multifunction System and tell it how many copies you need. Copies come out in crisp laser clarity. You'll enjoy the same features you come to expect on a copier with optional duplexing and stapling.


Build a bridge between the paper and digital worlds with fast scanning services. Documents can be scanned in common formats like PDF or .tiff and delivered to network folders, email addresses or web servers.


Walk up the the Multifunction System and send or receive faxes. Or, send faxes from your computer desktop and route inbound faxes to email with optional PC faxing.

IDMT offers a full portfolio of Multifunction Systems backed by responsive local service. To learn more about which systems would work best for you, contact us today.


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Up to 12% of a company's annual revenue is spent managing documents and document-related processes.49% of this cost is related to document management. more »

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