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Document Management Integration

Document Management Integration With 3rd Party Application

IDMT Document Management Software Easily Integrates into Third-Party Applications
Use Smart Connect to access your e-file cabinets directly from any program you're working in. From your familiar user interface, one click on Smart Connect links you to relating documents.
Smart Connect reads words directly from a third-party application user interface and then uses them as search or index words in DocuWare. Documents relating to a data record opened in the third-party application are easy to call up in DocuWare - using a button displayed in the third-party application. It is just as easy to import words as index terms for documents that you want to archive in DocuWare.

When you use Smart Connect, a previously defined configuration is always run. You use the configuration to define which contents from the third-party application you want to use, and whether searching (Smart Search) or indexing (Smart Index) should be run. Creating a configuration is easy: a wizard guides you through each step. Start by taking a screenshot of the third-party application window and selecting the elements to be read from the screenshot. You finish by creating the Smart Connect button which will appear in your existing third-party user interface. Use this button to do your Smart Search since you are now integrated with your e-file cabinet.

Configuration Options

-Smart Search
Select the file cabinet and search dialog with which the search is to be performed
Import search words from any area of the third-party application, including tables
Use additional pre-defined search words
Run Smart Search from the Smart Connect button integrated in the third-party application, using a shortcut or the tray icon in the Windows Taskbar Notification Area

-Smart Index
Index during document archiving or as post-indexing of documents already archived
Import index words from any area of the third-party application, including tables
Use additional pre-defined index words
Run Smart Index from a button in the DocuWare store or info dialogApplication Examples

Application Examples

Smart Index in an accounting application

You have an accounting software application which you use to post invoices, and IDMT Software where the invoices are archived. Previously you would have had to enter data, such as the invoice number, company name and total, twice - once for each process - but with Smart Index you can complete both tasks in one step.

You have opened the accounting system and IDMT software side by side. You start by archiving the scanned invoice in IDMT software - the invoice is displayed in the Viewer and the Software store dialog opens. Now go to the accounting system and enter the invoice data, for example the company, date, invoice number, and total. Next, click the Smart Connect button in the IDMT software store dialog, this imports all the entered data from the accounting system‘s user interface into the fields of the store dialog. This process enables automatic assignment of index terms in IDMT Software at the touch of a button, typing errors from entering the data twice are excluded - which also excludes inconsistencies between data in the accounting system and index words in IDMT software.

Smart Search from Accounting
When you need to edit the record for an invoice in the accounting software and you want to view the invoice for that record at the same time, you can simply click the Smart Connect button displayed in your accounting software program. Clicking this button causes the invoice number and company name to be read from the user interface of the accounting system and it uses these terms to run a search in IDMT software - all in the background. The invoice matching the data record is displayed directly in the IDMT software Viewer.

By using more than one configuration you can also display several Smart Connect buttons in the same third-party application. For example, one button could be used to display the invoice and another to display the delivery note relating to the same accounting record. You can customize the Smart Connect button label for the configuration.

Smart Search for HR

Your HR department uses a specific program but your HR records such as applications, employment contracts and vacation forms are all stored in an HR file cabinet in IDMT software. An employee number is used in both systems, and in IDMT software  there are also index fields for the document type and status. It is easy to set up a suitable Smart Search configuration for different application scenarios.

For example, to create pay slips you may frequently need to refer to the employee's vacation forms. With Smart Connect you can do this directly from the HR software. With the record for an employee open, simply click the Smart Connect button and the latest vacation form for that employee will appear in the IDMT software Viewer. You can also use the result list to access all other vacation forms for this particular employee.
According to the definition of the Smart Search configuration that was run in the background, the employee number is imported from the displayed record. For additional search criteria "vacation form" is used for the document type and "valid" for the status.

Corresponding configurations can be created for other document types.


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