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Document Management

Document management software reduce time spent managing documents and projects and improves productivity by making content easier to find. These products reduce risk by enabling effective governance of corporate information; at the same time, they ensure that information accessed through a central knowledge base is current and approved. In short, an IDMT document management solution unites documents and business processes for greater efficiency and compliance


Activate Information

Electronic filing and document management take valuable information and make it infinitely more useful by making it more accessible. All types of documents, whatever their source, are stored in one central document pool.
With the help of intelligent technology, this process is automated at every workstation. All of this information is kept word-for-word, sorted logically for everyone to access. With a few mouse clicks, information is available at any time and from any place.
Document management is a mature technology that has helped thousands of companies increase their profits and decrease their costs. Now is the time for you to profit from modern document management.

Central Document pool

IDMT DMS solution has a powerful electronic filing system featuring a central document pool, integrated SQL server, and connection to Oracle and other databases.
Automatic transfer of index criteria, full text indexing, hierarchical storage management and distributed data management round out the functionality.
Self-contained file cabinets on CD and DVD include retrieval software, which offers additional security and flexibility.

Universal Access

Documents are accessed from every Windows PC, via intranet and Internet, as well as with a terminal server. Documents are quickly sorted by topic, or searched via full text search.
IDMT DMS solution integrates in other applications via standard interfaces or with the powerful programmer toolkit.


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Up to 12% of a company's annual revenue is spent managing documents and document-related processes.49% of this cost is related to document management. more »

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