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Data and Document Capture OCR/ICR/OMR

Data and forms capturing

Documents arrive in several different formats through a number of different channels. IDMT Enterprise Capture solution offers the tools to process any combination, including handwriting that even human eyes would find hard to decipher. We digitize, classify, sort and distribute your incoming documents, fully prepared to suit your downstream processes.
Automation area

We help organizations with a substantial inflow of documents, such as insurance, energy, health care and pension funds.

Document inflow is basically the same regardless of industry type. Our experience covers different fields of industry, public service organizations and governmental bodies in many countries.

IDMT offers Automatic Data Capture Services for businesses and organizations. Data can be automatically captured in any required digital format.

IDMT provides a complete automatic data capture solution including:-

• data entry services
• document scanning with intelligent data capture
• electronic and printed form design services for maximum digital 

• handwritten data capture
• tick box forms capture
• print and mail fulfillment
• hosted online data management
• IT support to help present data in any required format
• secure archive storage

There are many elements to the implementation of a successful data capture system. The most important, yet most commonly over looked, is the survey form design.

Many organizations see other businesses using data capture forms and use the logic / template to design their own versions, however, forms MUST be designed with the actual software solution proposed, very much in mind.

Each and every data capture software solution on the market uses a number of different capture engines, to read and decipher the data. A form designed for one system could prove to be a complete failure if used with another.

Most businesses find that their form design is the problem only after their system has been installed, investments have been made and testing is undertaken prior to go live. This can cause massive delays in the project implementation and impact greatly on the project costs.

At IDMT we use data capture software within our own scanning bureau each and every day, so understand from the user's perspective, how crucial it is to get the form right first time.

Failure to do so results in huge amounts of user intervention to correct forms that have been miss-read. Negating the benefits that the proposed system was supposed to bring and extending ROI calculations used to justify the initial investment of intelligent data capture.

IDMT's forms design service is provided in consultation with the software engineers who install and support our intelligent capture systems. The company will ensure that the proposed form design meets your needs as a business and is conducive with high data capture rates.

• Intelligent survey form capture design service
• Field by field definition to maximize capture rates
• Review of field confidence levels to ensure accurate reading of critical fields
• Interfacing to host system and importing data once an identifier has been confirmed by the capture system.
• Field verification and system interfacing to verify data accuracy
• Field verification to ensure that captured data meets the need of the application when imported
• Signature recognition
• Free text recognition for forward display to operatives.


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