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Business Process Management Software

According to Gartner, Inc., BPM is "a management practice that provides for governance of a business's process environment toward the goal of improving agility and operational performance."

This more holistic view offers a structured approach for optimizing processes and takes into account the software tools that automates, executes, and monitors business processes from beginning to end by connecting people to people, applications to applications, and people to
applications as well as an organization's methods, policies, metrics, and management practices

Taking a people-centric approach is just one of the ways that IDMT takes a wider, deeper view when it comes to working with our customers. This means enabling your people to do their work better than ever before. It also means helping our customers achieve new levels of success by addressing the limitations and challenges of common approaches to BPM. IDMT introduced Persona-based BPM to do just that -- to address the 'tough challenges' of process and the real issues that live in the heart of process where the real work gets done.

Process Management has never been easier

Easy to create - Quickly created workflow applications

Easy to design - Complete web-based applications without programming

Easy to integrate - Comes with a large set of ready-to-use interfaces for 3rd party applications

Easy to test - Complete built-in simulation and test environment

Easy to document - Complete documentation by push of a button

Easy to deploy - Deployment has never been easier with full version control

Easy to use - Using IDMT BPM software is intuitively easy,
Simple and rich user interface and self-explaining.

Easy to operate and to maintain - No specialized IT staff needed

Easy to improve - IDMT BPM software provides Business Owners transparency into processes performance

Easy on the budget - Quick ROI even for any size organization


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  • Electronic Invoice Authorization
  • Filing of Electronic Documents
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Up to 12% of a company's annual revenue is spent managing documents and document-related processes.49% of this cost is related to document management. more »

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