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Case Studies / White Paper

Knowledge Worker Empowerment Is Vital To Success

Support for knowledge workers in terms of process automation tools showed weakness across organizations. Only 5% of firms provided almost all (90%) of their knowledge workers with process automation support, while 4% of firms provided virtually no support. Members of the largest group (32%) had support for between only 25% and 50% of their knowledge workers.

Going green isn't just about saving the planet

It's about the bottom line. Paper copiers, printers and fax machines are the fastest growing area of energy consumption. Paper waste is probably the biggest item in any company's landfill. However, by digitizing your documents you can streamline processes such as billing, accounting, and other administrative functions and save your company money. Think about all the energy you would save by being able to search for exactly the information you need, right from your desktop. Instead of shuffling papers, you can save time, avoid errors, keep your documents secure, and go green and save money.

Enabling The Eco-Enterprise: A Profile of Success

The State of Missouri needed to speed processing and make electronic documents instantly available. The challenges? Missing applications; lack of access to documents; no public access; processing delays. Find out more in this success story.

Go Green with Content Management

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, but don't realize that those cost cutting measures may also have positive environmental effects that can increase goodwill and shareholder value. Use the Document Management Green Calculator to see how your organization can effect environmental change by moving printed information online.

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News And Information

AIIM Announces Social Business Conference Agenda and Speakers

New virtual conference to address how to use social technologies to engage customers and empower staff -- and how to set up required governance and control

AIIM Releases Most Comprehensive Capture Software Study Available

Over 140 Products Reviewed

Users Shaping ECM to Meet Industry-Specific Needs

Sector-specific suites, dedicated customization, and best-of-breed add-ons are shoehorning Enterprise Content Management into many different industries.

8 Things You Need to Know to Build and ECM Strategy

In my opinion the single most important element to building a strategy is commitment. I'm talking about the type of commitment you make when you jump out of a plane. Not that I'm suggesting ECM is like skydiving; if skydiving goes wrong the pain doesn't last.

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Industry Research

State of the ECM Industry 2011 - How well is it meeting business needs?

This year's ECM report shows a much more mature user-base, integrating existing and new ECM and RM suites, SharePoint portals and vertical-market add-ons, into genuinely universal information access and content management infrastructures. Users are keen to attack content chaos and drive cost reductions, but are also looking for more effective staff collaboration and engagement. We measured how well ECM systems are matching industry-specific needs, what are the most popular strategies for integration, and how is SharePoint fitting in.

Content Creation and Delivery: The On-Ramps and Off-Ramps of ECM

Despite the importance of management (as part of enterprise content management), the front-end functionality' content capture'is fundamentally critical to any ECM system. Content capture is any tool, technique or technology that enables the digitization of content so that it can be managed in an ECM.

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Specialists In Enterprise ContentManagement

In the midst of a challenging economy, the need for access to your inf